Communicate uniquely

  • Mask opens mouth to your speech
  • Choose from 22 emotions

Just nod to emote

Instantly respond with Yes and No head movements

Mask 1 user stories:

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Mask 1 close-up

Adjust to fit

Adjust to fit

Easy to see through

Easy to see through

Choose your side

Choose your side

Frequently asked questions

3+ hours depending on the selected mode.

Only very small glasses can be comfortably worn.

Mask is not adjoining to the lower part of the face, so air could go in and out easily.

You can select emoticon main color, adjust sensitivity and set custom triggers. In this way, can make your mask completely unique!

For manual control, there is a touch button on the mask control unit in a special recess under the logo, to switch to the next effect it is worth just touching it. Also, you can choose animations easily using our Android or IOS app.